Alarm: Major water damages

Three brand new apartments worth over 400,000 euros are saved from major water damage with simple moisture monitoring.

In the technical cabinet on the third floor of a brand-new apartment, a bushing for a water pipe was not fully tightened. An early morning, the bushing gives way, just a few days after the last craftsman has left the apartment.

If you have experienced how devastating water damage can be, you know how precious time is. Every minute counts. The apartment was empty – as was the two apartments below, and there was no planned visits or inspections on the location.

But the location was monitored with temperature and humidity meters from DSE Monitoring. The predefined alarm immediately detected the evaporation from the increasing puddle of water on the floor.


The alarm was sent to the service/facility department. They went to the apartment and could stop the water before any severe damage was done. Only a few wooden elements in the kitchen had to be replaced.

These particular meters detect the indoor climate and the efficiency of the ventilation – this time the bonus information was worth 400,000 euros.

Birch: sustainable And extremely effective

Rene Birch is one of the major private estate developers in Denmark and builds about 2,000 new homes every year. Last year his company “Birch Real Estate” was sold to English Aermont Capital.

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Is it time-consuming to get started with DSE Monitoring?

No, getting started is quick and efficient. If you place your order today, there is a fair chance that you will start receiving data on your screen by the end of the week.

With DSE Monitoring, installing a new measuring point is seamlessly integrated into your daily operations.

Is DSE Monitoring suitable for production, facility management, and housing?

Yes, DSE Monitoring is a versatile solution that caters to various sectors. In the manufacturing industry, we excel at measuring with exceptional accuracy and reliability. For facility management and housing,

DSE Monitoring seamlessly synchronizes with your existing systems and meters. You can even install new measurement points for parameters like humidity and temperature, consolidating all your data on one comprehensive platform.

Can DSE Monitoring be used internationally?

Absolutely! DSE Monitoring is trusted by large international companies requiring consumption monitoring across their factories, both domestically and abroad. Our solution enables effective monitoring and management regardless of geographical location.

What type of meters does DSE Monitoring use?

We do not limit ourselves to a single brand or type of meter.

At DSE Monitoring, we prioritize quality, accuracy, and reliability. Based on the specific requirements and environmental conditions, we carefully select the most suitable meters for your unique needs.

What is the LoRa network?

At DSE Monitoring, we primarily utilize the LoRa protocol, a wireless network, for all our installations. LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) is a wireless communication protocol defined by the LoRa Alliance®.

Leveraging LoRa technology allows us to expedite the installation process without relying on existing networks.

Moreover, it provides an isolated, secure, and encrypted network, ensuring the availability and confidentiality of your data online.


How can I get started with DSE Monitoring?
We always recommend starting with a demo. It allows your potential supplier to demonstrate the capabilities of their Energy Management System (EnMS) in action, going beyond mere explanations.

At DSE Monitoring, we would love the opportunity to show you our solution.

We have streamlined the entire process, making it incredibly simple. From selecting the right meters and equipment to collecting and monitoring consumption data across your production, facilities, and individual equipment, our system provides comprehensive oversight.

We seamlessly synchronize with your existing meters and systems. So, if you place your order today, it is highly likely that you can start reaping the benefits of high-end energy management within a week.

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