Significant cost savings

– achieved through essential true data insights

Meneta, the leading global manufacturer of brake shims for cars with an annual turnover of 43 million euros, harnessed the power of crucial true data.
This invaluable information provided them with vital insights to optimize their processes, resulting in substantial cost savings of 40,000 euros per year across four machines.

Optimizing Stand-By Approach in Fluid Oil-Mix Tanks at Meneta

At Meneta’s production facility, large tanks containing heated fluid oil-mix are crucial for their manufacturing process. Over the years, the oil has been maintained at a constant high temperature to ensure its usability.

However, a challenge arose when the oil would become too cold, resulting in increased viscosity and rendering it unsuitable for production. Bringing it back to the required temperature would take two to three hours, leading to significant downtime and wasted production time.

To avoid this issue, the decision was made to keep the machine running even during weekends, preventing the oil from cooling down excessively and reducing the delay on Monday mornings.

When Meneta implemented monitoring with DSE Monitoring, they gained valuable insights into the true cost of this stand-by approach on their equipment. It became evident that keeping the entire machine at stand-by was not an efficient solution.

Collaborating with the engineering and maintenance teams, a solution was devised. They implemented a dedicated heating installation that locally heated the oil-substance within the container, ensuring it remained warm and ready for production at start-up on Monday mornings.

This optimized approach resulted in a remarkable 85% reduction in stand-by consumption compared to the previous method. Not only did this eliminate wasted production time, but it also led to significant cost savings. The annual value of this optimization amounts to an impressive 40,000 euros.

By leveraging the power of DSE Monitoring and addressing the specific challenge of maintaining optimal oil temperature, Meneta achieved improved efficiency, reduced downtime, and substantial cost savings. This case serves as a testament to the effectiveness of intelligent monitoring and targeted process optimization in the manufacturing industry.

Driving Efficiency in MENETA’s Niche-Driven Production

MENETA, a renowned global player in brake shims for the automotive industry, is dedicated to optimizing resource usage across their operations. To achieve this objective, they focused on analyzing resource utilization in their largest installations and high-demand machinery.

Working closely with DSE Monitoring, MENETA embarked on a mission to obtain precise and reliable data for individual production equipment. This collaboration enabled them to thoroughly assess resource usage in relation to operational processes.

By leveraging accurate data analysis, MENETA swiftly identified potential areas for improvement, where substantial savings and environmental benefits could be achieved through strategic and sensible changes. These insights allowed them to implement targeted initiatives and optimize their resource utilization.

In addition to identifying significant improvement projects, the collaboration with DSE Monitoring provided ongoing benefits for Meneta. They now have access to comprehensive reports, alarms, and visualizations that help them maintain efficient resource usage and identify further optimization opportunities.

Through their partnership with DSE Monitoring, MENETA has demonstrated their commitment to driving efficiency and sustainability in their niche-driven production. By leveraging precise data and implementing targeted changes, they have successfully reduced their environmental impact while optimizing operational costs.

This case study showcases the power of intelligent monitoring and data-driven analysis in empowering companies like MENETA to make informed decisions and achieve their efficiency goals.

It is an eye-opener to get precise data on the production equipment. Without that knowledge, it is simply not possible to implement effective energy management with lasting savings on CO2 and costs.

Simon Snor Jensen,
Head of Maintenance at Meneta A/S


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Is it time-consuming to get started with DSE Monitoring?

No, getting started is quick and efficient. If you place your order today, there is a fair chance that you will start receiving data on your screen by the end of the week.

With DSE Monitoring, installing a new measuring point is seamlessly integrated into your daily operations.

Is DSE Monitoring suitable for production, facility management, and housing?

Yes, DSE Monitoring is a versatile solution that caters to various sectors. In the manufacturing industry, we excel at measuring with exceptional accuracy and reliability. For facility management and housing,

DSE Monitoring seamlessly synchronizes with your existing systems and meters. You can even install new measurement points for parameters like humidity and temperature, consolidating all your data on one comprehensive platform.

Can DSE Monitoring be used internationally?

Absolutely! DSE Monitoring is trusted by large international companies requiring consumption monitoring across their factories, both domestically and abroad. Our solution enables effective monitoring and management regardless of geographical location.

What type of meters does DSE Monitoring use?

We do not limit ourselves to a single brand or type of meter.

At DSE Monitoring, we prioritize quality, accuracy, and reliability. Based on the specific requirements and environmental conditions, we carefully select the most suitable meters for your unique needs.

What is the LoRa network?

At DSE Monitoring, we primarily utilize the LoRa protocol, a wireless network, for all our installations. LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) is a wireless communication protocol defined by the LoRa Alliance®.

Leveraging LoRa technology allows us to expedite the installation process without relying on existing networks.

Moreover, it provides an isolated, secure, and encrypted network, ensuring the availability and confidentiality of your data online.


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