Optimizing Heating Facilities with DSE Monitoring

Orkla, the largest food and confectionery company in Scandinavia with a remarkable annual turnover of 5.7 billion euros, takes a significant step towards optimizing their operations. As proud owners of the esteemed 100 million euro crisps brand, KIMs, Orkla is committed to finding innovative solutions.

By replacing a cold water valve, KIMs achieved a huge saving on gas. The fault would never have been discovered without energy monitoring from DSE Monitoring.

When the Maintenance Manager, Jesper, returned from vacation and accessed his DSE Monitoring profile, he was greeted with reliable true data that revealed an unexpected increase in gas usage. Surprising, considering the entire factory had been shut down for two weeks.

With 150 critical monitoring points in the factory, Jesper relied on accurate and dependable true data to identify a minor cold water leak in an area where usage should have been zero. This leak had a significant impact on the function of a heat exchanger, leading to continuous gas flow to maintain temperature in two rooms.

After replacing the faulty valve and restoring the cooperation between the heating device and gas, the power of reliable true data became even more apparent. The consequences of the leak were far greater than anticipated, but thanks to the precise information provided by DSE Monitoring, the issue was detected and addressed promptly.

In full operation, the small water leak remained unnoticed, as visual inspection alone would not have been sufficient to uncover the problem. It was only through the comprehensive and accurate monitoring of reliable true data that Jesper and his team were able to pinpoint the issue.

The reliance on reliable true data allowed them to take effective action, resulting in a remarkable reduction of 50,000 M3 of gas per year, amounting to approximately 60,000 euros in annual savings. This demonstrates the power of reliable true data in optimizing operations and uncovering hidden inefficiencies.

“We would have never discovered such an issue without the precise and reliable true data provided by DSE Monitoring. It is through this access to reliable true data that we can identify and address irregularities, ensuring they do not occur again,” shared Jesper L. Hansen, Maintenance Manager.

KiMs: A 100 million euro crisps brand

KIMs are not just ahead of their own game. They are frontiers in running a responsible production, and because they are truly data-driven with DSE Monitoring they can document every step of the way. 

They work with consumption data like no other. Benchmarking across consumption types, machinery, and facilities.

True data down to every single process and equipment has given us the right tool to lower our CO2 footprint. At the same time, we have gained considerable cost savings on our energy consumption – and now we report everything 100% precisely with very little workload.

As a matter of fact… it has been very good business.

– Jesper Lauvring Hansen,
Maintenance Manager at KIMs

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Is it time-consuming to get started with DSE Monitoring?

No, getting started is quick and efficient. If you place your order today, there is a fair chance that you will start receiving data on your screen by the end of the week.

With DSE Monitoring, installing a new measuring point is seamlessly integrated into your daily operations.

Is DSE Monitoring suitable for production, facility management, and housing?

Yes, DSE Monitoring is a versatile solution that caters to various sectors. In the manufacturing industry, we excel at measuring with exceptional accuracy and reliability. For facility management and housing,

DSE Monitoring seamlessly synchronizes with your existing systems and meters. You can even install new measurement points for parameters like humidity and temperature, consolidating all your data on one comprehensive platform.

Can DSE Monitoring be used internationally?

Absolutely! DSE Monitoring is trusted by large international companies requiring consumption monitoring across their factories, both domestically and abroad. Our solution enables effective monitoring and management regardless of geographical location.

What type of meters does DSE Monitoring use?

We do not limit ourselves to a single brand or type of meter.

At DSE Monitoring, we prioritize quality, accuracy, and reliability. Based on the specific requirements and environmental conditions, we carefully select the most suitable meters for your unique needs.

What is the LoRa network?

At DSE Monitoring, we primarily utilize the LoRa protocol, a wireless network, for all our installations. LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) is a wireless communication protocol defined by the LoRa Alliance®.

Leveraging LoRa technology allows us to expedite the installation process without relying on existing networks.

Moreover, it provides an isolated, secure, and encrypted network, ensuring the availability and confidentiality of your data online.


How can I get started with DSE Monitoring?
We always recommend starting with a demo. It allows your potential supplier to demonstrate the capabilities of their Energy Management System (EnMS) in action, going beyond mere explanations.

At DSE Monitoring, we would love the opportunity to show you our solution.

We have streamlined the entire process, making it incredibly simple. From selecting the right meters and equipment to collecting and monitoring consumption data across your production, facilities, and individual equipment, our system provides comprehensive oversight.

We seamlessly synchronize with your existing meters and systems. So, if you place your order today, it is highly likely that you can start reaping the benefits of high-end energy management within a week.

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